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A strong taste for the island

Our offer to hoteliers and restaurateurs

We have an international network with some very exclusive food and beverage producers. We are happy to pass this advantage on to our customers and, with a delivery service in Mallorca, we are able to bring drinks and food directly to your home at any time.

Thanks to our experience and dedication, we are at Meisterns of this service.

Drinks | Beverages | Food & More

is a brand of

Gourmet Global Boutique Import Export SL.

Restaurant on the beach

We keep you competitive

Simply excellent

With our concept, excellent service, international products and interesting prices, we keep you competitive. And more!

You only have 1 contact person for products from all over the world. Whether Italian salami, ham or pasta, Bavarian roast or white sausage, meat from South America, international delicacies and desserts, through to selected drinks such as German beer, Pepsi Cola, wines and spirits. Ordered today and delivered promptly! This is us.

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